Friends of Eddy

Eddy the Electron supports solar energy & green technology

Eddy the Electron is a children’s book that makes it easy to understand how solar energy can be converted to clean electricity to power our homes and cities. Eddy is all about making the topic of solar energy exciting and fun.

Eddy and his creators also understand that not only our children but all the children of Mother Earth face serious choices about where our future energy will come from. We’ve already seen the effects of our past choices. Coal, oil, natural gas and others have contributed to global warming and the release of poisons in our air, water and soil. In addition to these serious drawbacks these energy sources are non-renewable.

Which is why Eddy and friends believe our best and easiest choice is solar energy. It’s inexhaustable! And, great news, as one of Eddy’s friends says, “We already have the technology to build a sustainable, solar-electric economy that can cure our addiction to oil, stabilize the climate and maintain our standard of living, all at the same time. It is well past time to start seriously harnessing solar energy.”

As we hope to educate the children who will live in that brighter future, we strive to educate ourselves on this important issue. Below are some of the sources we turn to to help us understand. Please visit them and tell them sent you.